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Ad Economics is in the platform transformation business.

We see it everywhere and it is gathering pace. Call it blockchain or fintech or robo-advisory or AI.  We are here to help you and discuss about it.

Ad Economics does selected research and special projects on issues which we see important. We promote financial literacy, professional competence in investment services and financial innovation. Ad Economics is established in 2006.

For international clients we can provide services based on our expertise of the Nordic financial services industry and Finland in particular. We produce market research and can introduce local business landscape. We do have exceptional expertise in economics and finance.

Funda Games was established by Professor Markku Kaustia and PhD Atso Andersen in 2007. Our first focus is to promote learning of fundamentals in investing. We have a solid starting point:

“Financial education is increasingly important, and not just for investors. It is becoming essential for the average family trying to decide how to balance its budget, buy a home, fund the children’s education and ensure an income when the parents retire.” …OECD 7/2006:Policy Brief

VerticeTree is a ultra light start-up that develops innovative platforms and applications for the web.

We operate mainly via ventures where we develop marketplaces and other web applications together with other entrepreneurs. We provide business and technical expertise and our partners provide the field expertise and contacts to the markets. We take every project as if it was our own and give it our best thinking so that the goals of the project are achieved most efficiently.

We offer services in applications of the economics of two-sided markets. Understanding the nature of the platform is very important for the launch of marketplaces that connect to .. where you name it.



In association with Ad Economics a large number of books, articles and papers have been published. The current ones (in Finnish):

  • Omaisuudenhoidon tuotteet ja palvelut linkki
  • Omaisuudenhoidon prosessit (APV2-tutkinnon opintomateriaali) linkki
  • Riitta Pessi: Keskiarvostuksen vaikutus pääomaturvattujen indeksilainojen tuottoon linkki
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